Rollup Helper


Wow, they have increased their prices again! Now they have Lookup Helper included, and you may not want that and it's US$2784 per year.

You may want to look at DLRS instead (I haven't written that up yet, but it's good).

30% discount on first year for NFPs

5 Users / YearUS$2784
DescriptionRoll up fields to parent or any other related object. Can do concatenation as well as regular sum, count and average.


There is a free version that does not support live rollups, but live rollups are what makes this product unique, and can replace many triggers that you would otherwise need. 

There used to be a 5 rollups version and a 20 rollups version, and a free 5 rollups version for NFPs. It is such a shame that they have deleted these products and left with a one size fits all app now. It is a fabulous app but it has priced itself out of the reach of most orgs that need it most - those that don't have a full time developer on staff. 

Use Case


  • Total donations made within a specific period (NPSP does 1 and 2 years). 
  • Total donations of a specific type or for a specific campaign. (NPSP does 1 Record Type only). 


  • A list of all the insured names on policies, to see at a glance on the org record
  • The next renewal date for any policy they have. 
  • The total value of policies they have
  • The total value of income they bring in. 



Usually install this for Admins only. 

After you go to the full version, you have to install another package, that has the live rollups functionality. 

First, make sure you have the latest version installed:

[Rollup Helper has asked me to remove links to their packages. I have no idea why, as they are not available on the Appexchange and not readily available by any support channels. You have to email them to get the correct links to install the latest versions]. 

Then install the Realtime extensions for EE that gives you real time for more uncommon objects like Assets, Cases, Campaign Members, Events, Notes, Attachments etc:

  • (contact passagetech for the links for the Realtime Extensions for EE). 
  • Note: You must have Opportunity Teams enabled to install this package. 

For Custom Objects you have to either get PassageTech to create the extensions for the Realtime, or use their Developer Guide to create them yourself (contact PassageTech for the developer guide). 

Creating Rollups

First, create all your fields:

  • You need two objects that are linked by a lookup - the Parent and the Child
  • On the Parent Object, you need a field that is the same Type as the rollup (eg Number for Count, Text for Concatenate). 
  • If doing a Count, you need something to count on the Child Object - eg a Checkbox field or a Numeric field. 
    • The easiest way is to create a checkbox formula field containing the condition you want to count - eg you want to count how many of Object X is Complete. Create a field named IsComplete with a formula of IF(ISPICKVAL(status, "Complete"),true,false). 
  • If doing a Sum, you need a numeric field on the Child Object with the values that will be summed. 
  • If doing a Concatenation, you need a text field on the Child Object with the values that will be concatenated. 
  • You may want a field to filter on also.

Next, create the Rollup. 

Then Run the Rollup and check that it is working. 

  • Do a report with a sum plus the rollup field on the Parent to ensure that they are all rolling up OK. 

Finally schedule the rollup, or enable it as Real Time. 

Things to Note

  • Make sure you are running the Rollups as a SysAdmin user. 
  • If Counting Checkboxes, make sure the Checkbox field = True is added to the Filter, otherwise it will just count both True and False - so ALL checkboxes.