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DescriptionTrying out all the Auto Convert Apps

Required Features

  • Match to existing Account and/or Contact
  • Auto Convert based on multiple criteria
  • Allow to not create Opportunity
  • Work with the NPSP
    • "self" and FN + LN in V2
    • as above and "individual" in V3
    • Must convert these to Individual accounts

Nice to have Features

  • Set the Opportunity name by a formula or a field (saves having to create a workflow). 


App NameLinkPriceFeaturesWorks with NPSPComments
Auto Convert$100/Org/Month
  • Runs on a Schedule (thumbs down)
  • Convert Old Leads (thumbs up)
  • Multiple Criteria (thumbs up)
  • Checks for Duplicates
No, not yet - they are working on it.

Because it only runs off an hourly schedule there may be Leads sitting in your system that have all the statuses required for converting. This could be confusing.

Pricing is good though.

I will check again when they get NPSP working.

Mass & Auto Convert Leads Premiup


US$120/u/16 months for NFPs

  • One Click Convert (thumbs up)
  • Mass Convert
  • Can Modify details on Mass Convert (thumbs up)
  • Can run off a trigger (thumbs up)(thumbs up)
Not yet - they are working on it. 


50% discount for NFPs

  • Nice feature of working off one field (eg a Formula Checkbox field) (thumbs up)
  • One Click Convert (thumbs up)
  • Mass Convert
  • Can Modify details on Mass Convert (thumbs up)
  • Includes Spam block so you don't need to use Captcha on your Web to Lead forms.
Yes, works well now. (thumbs up)(thumbs up)Most expensive option, but works nicely. Great support


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