Kugamon Account Contact Sync

5 Users / Year$0
DescriptionSyncs the address details from the Organisations record to the related Contact records


This is a must have app, it just makes managing addresses very easy.


  • Grant access to all users.
  • Add Contacts Manager button to Organisations (Account) page layout.


  • When adding an address to an Org or Contact, enter one address then click on the link to copy it to the other address. 
  • From the Org record click on the Contact Address Manager to modify the addresses of all the contacts under that Org. 
  • To disable automatic address within a particular Account record, please add the Disable Billing/Shipping Address Sync field. This will make sure the Billing Address does not change the Shipping Address To enable this field, please click Setup | Customize under App Setup | Accounts | Page Layouts. Move the Disable Billing/Shipping Address Sync field to underneath the Billing Address and click Save. (From the Kugamon initial email).