Browser Extensions


I suggest using this for devs or advanced users only. Ones that won't freak out completely if their browser crashes and they loose some data. This is solely because Text Area Cache is way better than Lazarus on Chrome. 

See the full list by searching the chrome web store



  • Sandbox Favicon - So useful. Firstly it adds an S on the favicon when you are logged into a Sandbox - so helpful! Secondly it adds the instance of Salesforce to the titlebar (eg if you have a custom URL it will show (customurl) in front of the regular title. 
  • id Clipper
  • Enhanced Formula Editor - I find this one both totally annoying and totally useful. I can't decide whether to have it turned on all the time or not. Whenever I have it turned off I miss it, when I have it turned on it annoys me. New features mean that it is less annoying though, so worth having.  
  • Quick Login As - log in as other users in your Salesforce Org.
  • Grey Tab - OMG, how cool is this app - never be without it. I always add "system" type fields to the page layout and clutter up the page layout. This tool just shows every field.  
    • It even shows the full HTML of rich text fields!
  • Salesforce Inspector - just about as OMG as Grey Tab! See Salesforce Inspector for notes. 
  • Salesforce Admin Check All! OMG how useful is this Extension - Check ALL boxes in the Enhanced Profile Editor! 

Advance Admins or Devs

Other Ideas

Also see the thousand blog posts on different user's ideas of what extensions to use. 


I would use Chrome for admins or devs and use Firefox only for Users.