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Confluence helps to create living documents, so this site is always in progress, and will never be finished. The content is created on this site as and when I think about it and it may contain ideas, thoughts and concepts that are not fully fleshed out yet. For me, it is more important to get the information out there, than wait until it is perfect. If I did that it would never be released. 

This content is the thoughts and ideas of me or the people who have created or edited the pages. It will contain opinions that you may not agree with, and it even may contain factual errors. Feel free to make a comment if you would like to contribute to the content on this site. 

I have also tried to not reinvent the wheel, and am linking where possible to excellent content written by others, so I acknowledge their contribution to the Salesforce body of knowledge. 

I hope you find this content useful. 

Jodie Miners

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  • If you would like to have a login to contribute to this site, just contact me and we can chat. I don't want to or intend to do this all myself, so I welcome contributors. 

About this Site

This site started as a post on the Salesforce Stack Exchange where I was asking for the community to contribute to ideas about the first things they do when setting up a new Salesforce instance. For me, I always like to share my knowledge and I have done a number of in-depth blog posts about Salesforce, but I find that the effort it takes to write a good blog post is stopping me from getting the knowledge out. 

I write detailed help documents for my clients, so I wanted to start to capture some of that knowledge that can be shared (not client specific stuff) in one central repository. I love Confluence, so this is why it was chosen for this site. 

About Jodie Miners

Jodie Miners is the Director of The Detail DepartmentWe create, customise, and implement the best technology, systems and procedures for your business - including Salesforce, and we want to help you learn to love your business systems again. Contact Us

Jodie is a Certified Salesforce System and Application Architect, and The Detail Department is a Salesforce Base Partner. 

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