Contact Capture Tools


  • $13/user/month
  • Full name
  • Phone numbers
  • Company name
  • Role
  • Postal address
  • Social media profiles (twitter/fb/linkedin).

Works with other services.

Works with Gmail or Outlook.

Scans email coming in and checks to see if their details has updated, and then lets you know about it to update it in Salesforce. 

I use Evercontact in Outlook and it is fabulous. Not sure I would pay the $13/user/month though. 

About the only option for mac and/or Gmail users in this list. 

Cirrus Insight

Works with Gmail Signatures. 


Address Grabber


Works with other services.

Broadlook Contact Capture

Create Lead, Contact, Account. 

Free as the old fashioned Windows App, but there is a new app by RingLead that makes it fully Salesforce integrated. 

Their Profiler tool is fabulous, and this is based off their Profiler tool. 

Copy to Contact

Windows App


Windows App

Uses Salesforce Token authentication. 

Doesn't seem to have much customisation for Salesforce. 

I am not sure about this one.