A list of resources that may be useful for you to learn more about Salesforce. 

Online Learning


Trailhead is a must! even if you do just the admin modules, and leave the Dev modules for later, you will learn a heap about how Salesforce works. They have just updated it with two new modules and new quizzes. And if you like gamification of your learning, you will love it.

Note: Log in with your personal developer org? Don't have one? Get one now This should be in your personal name and linked to your personal email address, and not linked to who you work for at the moment. This login will be with you through the course of your career with Salesforce. Use it for the Success Community, exams and certification, and even Dreamforce registration. Use it whenever you are dealing with your learning for yourself. 

See Mat Lacey's recent post on the new features

Learn Complete Salesforce 

This is a Udemy Course They always have specials, I got access to the course for US$10. It seems to be quite comprehensive, and the presenter's accent will mean you need to listen closely to the videos, which is good, as you will learn something. See a YouTube video sample here


There are so many new blogs out there at the moment dedicated to helping learn Salesforce from scratch. They are quite good. 

Shared links

Share and discuss contents from the web like articles and videos with your team.

Plus this site! 

Key People

Social Media


Rakesh Gupta Salesforce Customisation Handbook I love this book! So detailed and full of very useful information. Highly recommended. 


Success community e-book on visual flows coming up. Search Jen Nelson on Success. 





Google +

#Askforce on Twitter

Stack Exchange a bit more developer related, but try it.