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This is an App by Beaufort12 who also do an excellent Eventbrite Integration. So you pay for this app on top of paying for Campaign Monitor. It is worth it. 

The free version is very basic, so you do need Premium. See pricing and features. You pay by how many active CM subscribers you have. You can then add as many users as you want. 

Look the premium version is pretty good, but you are going to pay for it. It is better than Mailchimp because you can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe contacts and leads from lists. You can also choose which Activity data to sync into Salesforce and how many days activity - the more activity you sync the more data storage it takes up. 

They have excellent support and are always helpful. 

Only has a 14 day trial period so it can't be installed until almost ready to go live. 

Getting Started

The Help documents are really helpful, so follow the help docs to Install and get started.

See my Campaign Monitor Guide for more details