Deduping Tools

See Duplicate Management for standard Salesforce Deduping. Use that unless you have specific needs. 

Other Apps

Duplicate Check for Salesforce

Dupe Blocker

Dupe Blocker and Demand Tools for NFPs

Download the trial of Demand Tools (, and then send CRM Fusion an email (nfp@crmfusion.comasking to get the free NFP licensing for both Demand Tools and Dupe Blocker. (see You need to include your OrgID and your NFP confirmation (eg a copy of your DGR status or the ATO certificate is fine). 

  • Free for NFP's so it is great! 
  • Really good tool 


  • You need to keep on top of the indexing - especially after a large import. 

Dupe Catcher

  • Free - so until the SF one comes out then this one may be good enough - but push for a real dupe blocking tool like Ring Lead. 

Other Apps

Live Services

Work as you are editing the record. 

Cloud services

Bulk Services