New Salesforce Org

The things you do on every new Salesforce Org. Updated for Lightning. 

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First things!

  • Turn off the advertising - User Interface. Uncheck Enable Salesforce Notification Banner
  • Turn off the Lightning nag screen - User Interface. Check 
  • (NOTE that the two turning off advertising checkboxes are opposite you check one and uncheck the other!)

New Features

Even without the new Lightning Experience, all new orgs come without excellent new features enabled, and you will miss out on great functionality if you do not enable them. 

Company Information and Admin

  • Set Fiscal Year
  • Set Business Hours
  • Set Password Policies
  • Set Session Settings
  • Set Trusted IP Ranges
  • Set Login Access Policies to be only for Admins to request help. 

Security Settings

  • Ask client about restricted users and times they should be restricted to. 
  • Ask about Email Footers. (However, see Emails for issues with Email Footers).


  • Enable State and Country Picklists.
  • Set up Salesforce Mobile App settings.
  • Rename Apps and Tabs if needed. 
  • Enable My Domain


Create a Lightning App for the organisation

Global Actions

  • Add Follow Up Action - New Task, default to 2 days from now, assigned to the owner of the record, with the subject of Follow Up.

Global Actions Layouts

Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Layout

  • Add Log a Call Action

  • Add Follow Up Action

  • Add Mobile Smart Actions
  • Hide Polls Action

  • Hide Questions Action

  • Hide Email Actions
  • Hide Thanks Actions (unless your organisation has a formal methodology around open thanks and praise, otherwise, it's just a bit naff). 

  • Hide all New record actions unless your organisation is always creating Leads and Opportunities from wherever - (I don't think that is wise at all). 

User Interface

  • Enable the following
    • Enhanced Inline Editing
    • Show Custom Sidebar on all pages (if using Classic)
    • Collapsible Sections
    • Hover Details
    • Related Lists Hover Links
    • Separate Loading of Related Lists
    • Enhanced Lists
    • Spell Checker
    • Spell Checker on Tasks and Events
    • Enhanced Profile List Views
    • Enhanced Profile User Interface
    • New User Interface Theme
    • Improved Setup User Interface
  • Do not enable
    • Collapsible Sidebar (if using Classic)
  • Disable the following
    • Show Quick Create
    • Check 

Company Profile

  • Set Company Information
  • Default Timezone
  • Set a domain under Company Profile -> My Domain
  • Turn on Multicurrency if needed. 


  • Set up Chatter
    • Turn on Emoticons if you are that sort of organisation
    • Enable Out of Office 

All Objects

  • Set up Feed Tracking
  • Set up Record Topics
  • Set up Feed Layouts (if using Classic)
  • Assign Feed Layouts
  • Remove all of the standard "custom fields"
  • Remove all of the standard page layouts except for one
  • Remove all Data Import buttons
  • Remove all Print List View or Print Page Layout Buttons
  • Remove Discover Companies from Accounts

Next Steps

See Objects for what to do with each object. 

Also See Required Apps (only for Classic)

For Lightning:

  • Recycle Bin


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