Nonprofit Success Pack - NPSP

5 Users / Year$0
DescriptionAll of the base requirements for NFP's. Was formerly the Nonprofit Starter Pack or NPSP


A must have for NFPs


What ever you do, get the trial version already set up. Setting it up is a pain. Get the pre-configured trial here

If you have to set it up yourself follow the instructions here or here

Then go through the post install steps starting here

Using NPSP

See Using the Nonprofit Success Pack for more details. 


Many NFPs are probably still using the NPSP Version 2. See which version you are using by following these steps

Upgrade using these steps

The upgrade process is super easy, I was pleasantly surprised, but then you have to deal with your households. Go here and if you are not freaked out by checking ALL those boxes before you start, then stop what you are doing and understand it first - this is a big deal.

I would then rename or remove the Household object, and remove all the Household reports from the Report Types list.