Lightning Apps Setup

  • I hate the home page - now that we can remove the silly Opportunity graph, there is nothing much on there. 
    • Assistant ONLY works if you use Tasks on Opportunities, and you don't use Tasks, do you? (see Action Views, Tasks and Report Alerts for an alternative to Tasks) 
    • Oh and Account Insights, just like doesn't work in Aus so we disable that right away! Go to Accounts Settings
    • But now, we can have ANY page as the Home Page, AND customise the home page even more, so now it's a bit more useable. 
    • AND the users can decide which page they have on the home page. 
  • So I would probably just add lots of Report Charts on the home page if I had one. 
    • Note: Dashboards don't look good on the Home Page - so just make a Dashboard the home page if you really need to, and stick the other things in the Utility Bar. 
  • I LOVE Utility Bar so for regular users, ditch the home page and put the following on the utility bar
    • A Rich Text area for links to your help documents and links to key reports
    • Recent Items
    • Chatter Feed
    • Post to Chatter
    • Maybe one key list view that they will always go to. 
  • Put a logo on the app - grab one from here or use the Company logo and a colour related to the Company logo. 

Also go to App Manager and hide the unnecessary apps from showing in the App Launcher. 

Console Apps

  • I haven't played too much with them yet, but it is on my agenda.