Event Management and Salesforce

Wow, what a can of worms. 

You say you want to manage your events in Salesforce, where do we even start?

Event Types

  • Online events
  • Venue based events
  • Combination

Event Functionality

What event functionality do you need:

  • Venue planning and management
  • Speaker planning and management
  • Ticketing
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Attendees
  • Attendee Details (eg asking attendees dietary or accessibility needs). 
  • Transfers 
  • On the day checkin
  • Application vs Registration
  • What info needs to be collected from attendees?
  • Do you need to communicate with attendees before, during or after the event?
  • Surveying attendees? 
  • Recurring attendees?
  • Sporting event (if so, there are specific sports related event portals). 
  • Peer to Peer fundraising (do you need to use their portal or yours). 
  • Member functionality (eg content on your website only for event attendees or discount for members). 
  • Multi day events. 
  • Conference type events (where they book individual sessions)

Ticketing Functionality

  • Online ticket sales
  • Invoicing for bulk purchases
  • One person can buy multiple tickets to one event
    • Do you need all ticket holder details
  • One person can buy one ticket to multiple events
  • One person can buy multiple tickets to multiple events (this one is hard). 
  • On the day sales 
  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Group Pricing
  • Additional options - like dinner. 
  • Free tickets

Payment gateways

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Existing Payment Gateway
  • Do you have a merchant facility

Some Options

Payment Only

  • Chargent. 
  • Form Assembly with Stripe payments

Basic Events

  • Payments2Us is great and would suit a lot of events but it doesn't have coupons, discounts, dinner options, doesn't handle online only events well, only uses two payment gateways, or Paypal (no Stripe). 


Specific Events Apps

  • Eventbrite - does not work well for repeating events. Does not integrate with Salesforce very well at all. Steer clear of this one. 
  • EventArc - hmm, not really for me, it just doesn't gell as an app. Plus no Salesforce integration. They also have an app specifically for sporting events now. 

Full Featured

If you are going for these type of apps, I'm not sure you really want to integrate them with Salesforce - you need a good reason to. 

  • Ivvy Events
  • CVent
  • Arlo

Website Features

  • Event Calendar
  • iCal Feed
  • Map
  • Further event details or event microsite. 
  • Date only, multi dates, times multi dates and time (hard)
  • Location