Go Live

Things you always forget to do before Go Live but are very important. 

Data Import

Yes, it's prior to Go Live, but it's still important

  • Ask Salesforce to turn on the ability to update System Fields
  • Ask Salesforce to turn on Middle Name and Suffix fields.




  • Turn off Advertising (UI)
  • Turn off Quick Create

Sharing Rules

  • Are Organizational Wide Defaults set for each object. 
  • Have you finished your Sharing Rules setup. Does it cover all scenarios? 

Permissions / Profiles

  • Ask Salesforce to turn on the ability for Admins to log in as all users
  • Log in as each profile and test permissions
  • Turn off access to Tabs and Apps that users will not use (it is to overwhelming for some users)
  • Home page for each profile

Public Groups

  • (Useful for Views permissions) Public Groups created

Public Site Settings

Eg for Public Knowledge Base, Payment Forms etc

  • Does your public facing sites have the correct permissions - only minimum

Integration User

  • Does your integration user only have the minimum required permissions


  • Any chatter groups created
  • Any topics need creating



  • All required views created
    • Decide on which fields should be visible in each view
    • Set permissions for each view based on public groups

Record Types

  • All objects have record types that are required. 
  • Default record types are set for all objects - especially Opps


Page Layouts

  • All Consistent
  • All system fields down the bottom
  • All headers consistent
  • All workflow update fields set to be read-only
  • Fields are hidden where necessary
  • Feed views are created
    • Change Custom Buttons to Custom Links or hide Custom Buttons on Feed View
    • Each Feed View layout is exactly consistent
  • Each user has the right layout

Search Layouts

  • All Search Layouts Set
  • Enhanced Search setup

Publisher Actions


  • Layout Set
  • Any new actions created


  • Each object has the right Actions




  • Report folders created
  • All Reports Created 
    • And filed in an appropriate folder
  • Hide Unused Report Folders
  • Create Report Types for custom objects if needed


  • Dashboards created
  • Dashboards running user set. 
  • Dashboard on home page

Each User

  • Install Salesforce for Outlook
  • Set up Tabs
  • Set up my email to Salesforce - make sure they have recorded it. 
  • Unhide sidebar (or turn it off in Settings)
  • Grant login to Admin for 1 year (if not set as default).