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Trailhead has a good overview of Formulas and rollup summary fields and Validation Rules

This is a nice overview of formulas for Salesforce

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Example Formulas

The Salesforce help has some nice examples and date formulas

Date Expired on Active Contract Example

Requirement for a field for an expired contract. Users requested a report they can run to show if the contracts are expired (note, this is using a custom contracts object so this can be used on any type of record. 

Checklist Formula field. 

IF(AND((ContractExpiry__c) < TODAY(),ISPICKVAL(ContractStatus__c,"Active")),True,False)
So, there are a few parts to this formula:
  • If Statement - straightforward, just as you would have used in Excel.
  • And Statement - exactly like Excel
  • A field value > Today()
  • ISPICKVAL formula - you need to use this wherever dealing with the picklists. 
  • And returning True or False because the formula is a 
If you get stuck, try it in excel, the formula structure is quite similar, especially around IF AND OR statements.

Date Expired check field 2 weeks before Active Contract Example

Requirement for a field to check an expired contract or create a warning. Workflows can be created to task a record owner to check a contract

As above but include  "-14" for 14 days before expiry

IF(AND((ContractExpiry__c) > TODAY()-14,ISPICKVAL(Contractor_Status__c,"Active")),True,False)

State and Country for use with State and Country Picklists

IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BLANKVALUE(TEXT(BillingStateCode) ,TEXT(ShippingStateCode)))),
BLANKVALUE( TEXT(ShippingStateCode) ,TEXT(BillingStateCode)) & IF(BLANKVALUE(TEXT(ShippingCountryCode), TEXT(BillingCountryCode)) = "AU","", ", " & BLANKVALUE(TEXT(ShippingCountryCode), TEXT(BillingCountryCode))),"")

/*IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BLANKVALUE(TEXT(BillingStateCode) ,TEXT(ShippingStateCode)))),
BLANKVALUE( TEXT(BillingStateCode) ,TEXT(ShippingStateCode)) & IF(BLANKVALUE(TEXT(BillingCountryCode), TEXT(ShippingCountryCode)) = "AU","", ", " & BLANKVALUE(TEXT(BillingCountryCode), TEXT(ShippingCountryCode))),"")*/

Warning fields

Requirement for a field to create a warning that a contract if about to expire

IF (ContractExpiry__c = True, "Contract about to Expire","")

If adding more than one warning add   + '; ' +   between IF statements

Add a Year to a Date Example

As described here

DATE(YEAR(Join_Date__c) + 1,MONTH(Join_Date__c),DAY(Join_Date__c))
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