Page Layouts in Lightning

The differences between Lightning Pages, Page Layouts and the new, yet to be anywhere on the horizon, Lightning Layouts, is so very confusing. Throw in the so very many iterations of Page Layouts, Feed Layouts, and the myriad of Consoles, and Page Layouts are a complete mess now. If you are new to Salesforce or just starting out in an org that is only Lightning enabled it is really really hard. Geez, it's hard enough for us who've gone through all these transitions, to know what's going on. 

To start, have a look at this video from Kristy Campbell as to how Lightning Pages and Page Layouts work 


And here for a sneak peek of Lightning Layouts

So here's my guide to...

Things to Ignore in Page Layouts

NOTE: You may need to look at Classic Buttons if you are transitioning to Lightning and still need to look at Classic occasionally. But my tip is remove ALL buttons except Edit to encourage users to only do things in Lightning.  

Feed Layouts Specifically

The orange ones I'm not 100% sure about, but I am assuming they are not relevant in Lightning, but more testing to be done.