Record Home and Record Pages

Record Pages

Note: Things are changing (for the better) in Spring '17, but it will get even more confusing to set up, especially when you have multiple page layouts. My tip is to learn about Metadata for Lightning page layouts so you can ensure they are consistent. 



  • Compact Layouts now control what is shown in the header of the page AND the hover page.
    • And only the first 4 field are shown. 
    • I don't know how you control the related lists that are shown. 
    • Mini page layouts seem to be defunct but you still have to set them for Classic use
  • Recently Viewed layout is Search Layout, not Tab layout, but you still have to set Search Layout for Classic.
  • There is a particular order for how things are set in the Actions lists - see below

Setting up


  • See New Salesforce Org
    • Ensure that Chatter is enabled on that object first
    • Ensure Global Actions are set up first
  • Change the Compact Layout
    • Create new Compact Layout and add relevant fields to it
    • Ensure Name is the first field in the list. 
    • Assign new Compact Layout to the main page layout
  • Change the Lightning Page Layout
    • Change Details to be the first tab and the default tab (who ever decided that related should be first?)
    • Add Chatter Feed to the right hand column. 
    • If there is only one or two related lists, add related lists to the right hand column rather than a tab.
    • Change Chatter and Activities tab order - Chatter should be first. 
    • See Record Home and Record Page Metadata for how to do this in Metdata
  • Change the Page Layout
    • Set up Quick Actions specifically for that record - always override the global.  
    • Set up your page layouts so they look good in Lightning AND Classice - that means creating all new Feed Layouts so they still work well in Classic. 


Actions List

See the docco

  • The first 3 Actions defined in the Actions bar in the page layout appear in the page-level action menu IF they don't relate to activities. This changes to up to 10 in Spring '17
  • The Log a call, and task / event related actions appear in the Activity actions bar
  • Chatter specific actions appear in the Chatter action bar


  • There is the Recently Viewed Accounts, which is Classic, and not set by the Tab Search Layout Settings, but it also appears in Lightning. It can't be deleted. 
  • Then there is Recently Viewed, which is in Lightning and based on the Search Layout
  • You can't edit a view then Save it as to copy a view - get used to editing views in Metadata to make this easier. Or set them up in Classic. 



OMG What Have They Done

  • In Winter '17 they FINALLY released the hover help text. However, the help text hovers BEHIND the popup create new Account screen. Oh dear. 
  • On the new Account popup screen, if you click into the Parent Account you can't make it disappear. 
  • No Account Hierarchy screen (coming Spring '17 finally! )
  • If you have a visualforce page override the edit on individual fields is not available. 
  • Why oh why can't you edit just one field - the whole silly edit screen pops up. The edit screen layout sucks. 

Good Things

  • I like the record type change screen.