Setting Up Lightning


Setting up Lightning for two levels of users at the moment Admin / Sales and On-the-Road Staff. Here's what I have open to go through each page and view in Lightning to ensure it's all set up well. 

  • A few tabs in Classic to do Admin stuff - nope, I'm not going to do Admin in Lightning yet - too slow and time consuming. 
  • A few tabs in Classic to check that Classic looks right, because you are still going to have to go back to Classic sometimes. 
  • A few tabs in Lightning logged in as the Admin user - using the /one/ trick so I never have to "Switch to Lightning" 
  • An Incognito window with a few tabs open as the Staff user in Lightning. 
  • Salesforce1 App on an iPhone 6S+ logged in as both the Staff and Admin users. 

This all seems a bit ludicrous.