Sample Data

I need to do a demo in my dev org and I want lots and lots of sample data. 

Here's what I've found. - note the comments though

All of these are very coder oriented, which does not suit me. 

There is this which is great, but it's just NOT enough data!. 

This is a nice resource for sample data sets

The master of all sample databases however is Northwind!

Ooh, and look someone has already put it all in CSV format for us

I ended up using this one and downloading the and extracting some of the sample data for use in my  Excel Power Query talk

Sample Orgs

After a discussion on twitter Jennifer Wobser recommended Mockaroo which looks great (although I do hate the misappropriation of Aussieness from non-aussie companies - no, Outback Steakhouse is not an Aussie thing).  

From that discussion I was asking for a full mock org with custom objects etc. I am sick of apps that show simple scenarios on how to use their apps, just using Accounts and Contacts, and I was wondering if there was something like Northwind or Fabrikam in the Microsoft circles for Salesforce. 

In Salesforce land there is Universal Containers which is used in Training, and to great effect on AutomationChampion blog for his business use-cases, and I did not know about the Warehousing App, so I will have to try that one out too. 

Other Data


This site is good

Phone Numbers 

Australian fictional phone numbers can be found at 


And you can test if an ABN is valid't%20have,ABN%2053%20004%20085%20616.


Some valid TFNs are here

To Test a TFN go here