Web To Lead


Excellent Web to Lead article

Preparing for a Salesforce Web-to-Lead Integration

Web Apps

From PHP

Sample PHP Script

Pushing Leads to Salesforce with PHP

Sample Code to give Web Developer

$fields = array(
'oid' => 'YourOrgID',
'status' => 'New',
'lead_source' => 'Web Form'
'retURL' => 'http://www.yourwebsite.com.au/', //this should be the page that the users sees after submit.
'debug' => '1',
'debugEmail' => urlencode("youremail@email.com"),
'first_name' => urlencode($fieldname), //First Name
'last_name' => urlencode($fieldname), //Last Name
'company' => urlencode($fieldname), //Organisation Name
'email' => urlencode($fieldname), //Email
'phone' => urlencode($fieldname), //Phone
'street' => urlencode($fieldname), //Address
'city' => urlencode($fieldname), //City
'state' => urlencode($fieldname), //State
'zip' => urlencode($fieldname), //Postcode


From WordPress

The above cURL code for PHP will work for WordPress of course, but also see the articles shared on this site for WordPress.


From Ruby

See sample code Create New Leads in Salesforce Without Using the API | SIPfish Blog 

From Drupal

See this app Salesforce Suite | Drupal.org

Wufoo Forms

I would not recommend this. See my blog post on Using Wufoo Forms with Salesforce.  

API vs Web to Lead

There is some talk about that the Web to Lead is not the best way of doing things, but for small volumes I think it is fine. The only other option is to directly interact with the Salesforce APi, or use a product like Form Assembly.

It is just not feasible to use the API to simply create leads. Using the API would require that the Website contact forms are https:// (which means the organisation purchasing and maintaining an SSL Security Certificate), and using a whole extra Salesforce licence to give the API permissions to only write to the Salesforce Leads object and not read all of the data in Salesforce. (At $180/month, I'm am sure that is not something that the org will be willing to pay for). Apparently Salesforce Identity will allow you to use SFDC as the Auth provider for only $1-5/m but I'm not sure technically if or how that would work. See Post in ButtonClick Admins.

Currently most web form contents go through the email and using the standard Web to Lead functionality is no less secure than that. Look at the privacy policy on your website so that people know where their info goes, but I really don't think general contact info is sensitive enough that you would need to implement SSL and the API for it. 


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