Other Files Components and Apps

By Doug Ayers

Not on the Appexchange


  • The BEST related Files viewer

  • Does NOT include Attachments unfortunately

  • Just get it!

Lightning File Explorer

Labs Component


  • Coloured Icons

  • 2 Click Upload

  • Search / File Details / Preview (small)

  • Has a concept of Folders and you can move files into the folders, but can only move one file at a time and no drag and drop.

  • You can also Tag files and then search on the tags.

  • Would be good if you have a very static file list that does not often change

Enhanced Files List

Labs Component


  • This is a list of File data

  • Great for renaming Files

  • Takes up a lot of space

  • Preview (2 clicks) / View Details / Filter / Upload (2 clicks) / Download / Preview Multiple Files (a few clicks)

Document Categorize


  • This is mainly for uploading files

  • Not going to work with files added via the API

  • No Help

  • Cumbersome to use

  • Upload / Drop

  • No Preview

  • Sorry, can’t recommend it

Documents Organizer

Requires Email to Case



  • No Settings

  • Looks Good

  • Sort / File Types / Search / Upload / Drop / Preview

File Explorer

This is for File Libraries. Don’t use it on a Record Page.


  • I’m not 100% sure of the use for this.

Astrea Lightning Documents

For Viewing Documents


  • Need to add DocumentControllerLightning to an App Page and add that to the App

  • Functions OK but looks a little weird, but you can get over that IF you have to use Documents a lot!

  • No back button from File view to list view

  • They could have built some better features into the app.

  • Generally App Pages look ugly due to the big header, and this component has a big header so it doesn’t help.

  • I would install it.

Files Attachments and Notes

You have to have Enhanced Note enabled.


  • Ugly, badly formatted, terrible controls. See full review on https://tddprojects.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SF/pages/58818666

  • But does show Files attached to Emails

  • And shows Attachments

  • No Preview

  • Delete button too prominent

  • They have two components, the basic one has no benefit than adding both Note and Attachments and Files related lists, and still badly formatted.

  • I can’t recommend it, I would stick with the standard Files and Attachments related list.

Files Plus




Drag & Drop File Upload

Multi use App

  • Document Upload and View in Lightning

  • Button to Upload Documents


  • The Upload Documents Tab is really nice. Get this if you need to use Documents in Lightning.

  • The Attach Files button is disappointing.

    • Badly laid out

    • Spelling errors (including in help documents). Fixed in latest version

    • But has Convert Attachments to Files button

    • Shows Attachments and Files

    • No Preview of Attachments

    • Only opens file record, not preview

    • Prominent Delete link

    • Doesn’t play nicely with Console apps.

  • There is a Quick Upload button also

    • Not particularly useful

  • Upload Content Tab

    • Bug - said I need Chrome when using Chrome

    • Shows ALL files no matter who they are attached to. Weird.

    • No way to actually use the content. A bit useless.

  • Configurations

    • OMG It has Comic Sans Font - this should be outlawed!

    • Not quite sure what this is for - to create a button for uploading an attachment or file.

    • Could be useful as there is no way to upload attachments via the UI anymore. But I don’t want to use this app, as it’s a bit horrible.

  • I can only partially recommend. Useful for converting attachments to files though.

Drag, Drop, and Upload Salesforce Files

Multi Use App


  • Quick Upload Button

    • Not particularly useful

    • But it is quick

  • Upload Documents

    • Classic look only - looks terrible

    • But does the job of getting a documents tab in Lightning




  • Very slow to open. Visualforce page.

  • Terrible Terrible Look. Worse than classic.

  • I just can’t even begin to think about using this app.





  • Requires a bit of setup

  • I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of configuration related to the view. Eg All Contacts related to Account, but it does not tell you which contacts they are on.

  • Doesn’t show Attachments

  • Sorry, can’t recommend. Just use Doug’s app.

SharinPix Free

Multiple Components


  • Really nice documentation

  • Images Component

    • Name

    • Upload / Download / Delete

    • Does not auto rotate through the images

  • Image Component

    • Static Image

  • Upload Component

    • Upload to Attachments or Files

    • Can add Prefix to the Image

    • Only handles Images though.

    • Really nice for if you do a lot of images

Lightning Image Slider



  • I use this in one of my orgs and it just works well.

  • No Names - that can be a feature if you don’t need it

  • Auto Rotation through the images

Drag and Drop by Cloud Analogy


  • I can’t even look, it looks terrible

Drag n Drop attachments with Dragger


  • It doesn’t look like lightning

Salesforce File Manager


  • I don’t want to even look.

Upload Guru


  • I refuse to look because it has vertical nav.

File Explorer


  • I refuse to look at it because it’s only in Classic.