SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud

BEWARE - Do NOT go to to get the chrome extension, you will click on the link to get SalesforceIQ and end up with a 14 day trial of the SalesforceIQ app

Get it from the SalesforceIQ help page

I tried this, but I got an error straight away. 

Error! Access to SalesforceIQ has been blocked by your Salesforce administrator

There is nothing on the support page. Well the bit that talks about it says "Please contact your system administrator" with no help for Salesforce Administrators. 

So, apparently you go to this file on the success community, which has a link to download a SalesforceIQ package. Then follow the steps to Authorize users to connect to SalesforceIQ. That did not fix my problem at all. 

You have to do ONE MORE STEP than says on this document - go to Connected App OAuth Usage and unblock SalesforceIQ there. Now to test it out.

Using the Mobil App

Look, using apps like this just don't work for me. The Cirrus Insight Mobile app is good, but it's the same thing - I use Gmail for a very good reason, it is a fantastic email client and it is available on all my devices and it looks and functions exactly the same on all devices. And it has categorised inbox. You just can NOT beat Gmail as a mobile email client. So why would I use an inferior product? 

Plus IMAP just sucks, and it takes about 10mins after it comes into Gmail on my mobile for it to come into SalesforceIQ, so then I'm double handling. 

If you don't use Gmail, you are out of luck.