Sandbox Extensions

A few extensions to show you the difference between sandboxes and production, so you don't do something in Prod that should have been done in Sandbox. 

  • Sandbox Favicon - So useful. Firstly it adds an S on the favicon when you are logged into a Sandbox - so helpful! Secondly it adds the instance of Salesforce to the titlebar (eg if you have a custom URL it will show (customurl) in front of the regular title. 
  • We're Not in Sandbox Anymore - adds a yellow and black striped banner at the top of your screen to tell you you are in Production - very helpful.
  • Salesforce Colored Favicons - uses with Sandbox Favicon - shows each Salesforce Instance in a different color. 
  • Enhanced Salesforce Header - I'm not sure about this one - seems to add too much clutter - but puts the instance name in the top right section of your screen. Not Lightning compatible.