Build, Code, Improve - a gameshow

You know the TV show, Snog, Marry, Avoid? (it's trashy British TV at it's best or worst that is shown on late-night TV is Aus... and yeah, you probably don't want to google it :)). 

This gameshow focused at Admins where we take a business scenario and decide to "Build, Code, Improve". 

Given the scenario presented do we?: 

  • Build - build a solution using declarative programming options like standard features, workflow, process builder or flow. 
  • Code - work with a coder to build a solution using triggers or custom code. 
  • Improve - go back to the business for more information, or another suggestion on how to deal with this situation. 

And for bonus points, how would you "Makeunder" this scenario (the makeunder concept is a big part of SMA) - eg rethink it to make it simpler to build or stage it so the business gets some immediate benefit right now without huge costs involved. 


Break up into teams of 2-4 people, the host presents around 5 scenarios, each team to have a quick 2 mins to discuss the scenario and write down their decision on a card. At the end of the 5 scenarios we discuss each one of them at a time, and each team gets to state their decision and why, so as to generate some discussion on the decision making and to come up with ideas on how to deal with this scenario. 

The idea is to try to get some more clarity around where the ever-moving line is between declarative and coding options. 

The scenarios should be short enough to have missing bits where you need to ask questions which will prompt discussions. 

The 2 mins is just quick enough to get first thoughts, that you can then expand upon in the discussion. 


  • Index Cards or post it notes
  • Pens
  • Projector to display scenarios
  • Whiteboard to list options presented 
  • Note taker to write up blog post

Gameshow times

This gameshow debuts at the Melbourne Salesforce User Group on 05-Apr-2016


These are a few scenarios, feel free to make up your own. 

These pages are restricted from viewing unless the gameshow is being played. Contact me if you are planning to play the gameshow and want access. 



Custom Lead Convert Scenario - SAMPLE



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