Scratch Org with Cumulus CI

I’m learning CCI to use it for Salesforce Indicators.

CCI is now available in Code Builder. Run the following command to install it
python -m pip install cumulusci

Except I can’t get it to work

So I’m just writing down some of the commands I use to come back to it next time.

  • Create a folder and open the folder in VSCode

  • Clone Salesforce Indicators to Local, and set Salesforce Indicators as remote

git init git clone
  • Change to the branch you want to work on

  • Create the Scratch Org

    1. This is a Flow built into Salesforce Indicators cumulusci.yml file

    2. The Scratch Org will be created with 30 days

cd Salesforce-Indicators cci flow run dev_org --org dev
  • Remember to change the name of the org if you are creating one within the 30 Days.

  • Open the Org

sf org open -o Salesforce-Indicators__dev
  • Now install the Sample Indicators and Sample Data