User Experience (UX)

Just a place to track UX stuff that annoys me with Salesforce.


Row Level Formula Editing Window


  • If this can do bracket hilightning, why can’t the regular formula editor do it?

  • If this can do validate, why can’t the flow formula editor (no sorry, text box), do it?

  • If this can have search fields, then why can’t the regular formula editor have search fields?

  • If this can have colouring of formulas then why can’t the regular formula editor?


  • No double click to insert field.

  • No filter on field type.

  • Help opens in a new tab - That’s fine but it’s the help for the whole function, not for the formulas itself, so it should be at the top of the whole panel.

  • Why are the object names NOT the actual object Names - this is Asset__c object name. So this is a completely different formula Engine that Flow from Process Builder from Workflow Rules from Field level formulas. ALL of them are different.


Visibility Filters - Lightning Record Pages

  • Why oh why does it error all the time.

  • Why can’t you choose multiple picklist values like you can in List Views