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  •  All required views created
    •  Decide on which fields should be visible in each view
    •  Set permissions for each view based on public groups

Record Types

  •  All objects have record types that are required. 
  •  Default record types are set for all objects - especially Opps



Page Layouts

  •  All Consistent
  •  All system fields down the bottom
  •  All headers consistent
  •  All workflow update fields set to be read-only
  •  Fields are hidden where necessary
  •  Feed views are created
    •  Change Custom Buttons to Custom Links or hide Custom Buttons on Feed View
    •  Each Feed View layout is exactly consistent
  •  Each user has the right layout


Search Layouts

  •  All Search Layouts Set
  •  Enhanced Search setup


Publisher Actions


  •  Layout Set
  •  Any new actions created



  •  Each object has the right Actions





  •  Report folders created
  •  All Reports Created 
    •  And filed in an appropriate folder
  •  Hide Unused Report Folders
  •  Create Report Types for custom objects if needed