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Just a few links and notes from things I found interesting at #DF14 and in the Winter '15 release. 

  • New Name - Sales Cloud1
  • New Mobile Features
    • Today
    • Tasks (thumbs up)
    • Notes (thumbs up)
    • Actions from the lists
    • Sales Path
  • Service Cloud is also renamed Service Cloud1
  • Referral Program or direct download


  • Forget about it for a while. 
  • First release only uses 
  • But it will be cool eventually. 
  • Don't leave deduping until then. Get started now. Even with the free Dupe Catcher. But see Deduping Tools
  • A suite of services for the Salesforce1 platform
    • Process Builder
    • Components
    • App Builder
    • Lightning Connect
    • And they have stuck Schema Builder in there (have you ever used it?)

  • Was named Aura before release

Widget Connector

  • Also known as External Objects
  • Cool - get data from other systems into Salesforce
  • Uses OData

  • Next release will be read only and no reports, but writing and reporting will come later.

  • Aka Wave (no, not Google Wave). 
  • You are unlikely to afford it - apparently $250/user/month to build and $150/user/month to view. 
  • But get prepared for it anyway


  • Plus there are third party apps that do pretty dashboards if you want to start with that (even though Analytics is way more than dashboards)
  • Trailhead

  • Go back and find the new release items that you may have missed recently.

  • Look at your processes. Define them on paper. Get ready for Process Builder. 
  • Know that you don't need a developer to do cool stuff. 
  • Get into Chatter. 
  • Start using Mobile. 
  • My favourites recently are:
    • State and Country Picklists
    • Publisher Actions
    • Flows
  • Upcoming interestingness
    • Tasks and Notes
    • Today
    • Process Builder
      • Create Chatter Posts
    • Headless Flows / Flow Triggers
    • New UI
    • Deduping