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But no documentation was to be found. Well, if you call these release notes documentation, and this one sentence on this page but try googling "Lightning Report Chart Component" and you don't get a lot of answers, let alone a step by step guide to how to build report charts! Trailhead still links back to the Classic help document, and you would think the page describing Report Charts would mention something about the new Lightning component, but no! And in 2022 it is still not different! The Help Docs STILL only show Classic! I had to come back to my Wiki to see the help that I wanted because at least I knew it was here. 

So, here it is. All you need to know about the Report Chart Component, and for bonus points the lovely new feature of parameterised report links, or as they call them Filter Reports via URL Parameters.

Thanks so much to fellow Salesforce MVP Chris Edwards who gave me the excellent tip on how to get it working!  

Now, you know from your Admin 201 training course, that everything that can go wrong with reports goes wrong in selecting the wrong Report Type. Well the same goes with using the Report Chart Component. The trick is your Report Type MUST include that object as the top level object in the Report Type. So if you want to create a Report Chart and display it on the Accounts Record Page, your Report Type needs to start with Accounts, then join down to the child objects related to Accounts. Simplez!


Now that is going to need some explaining to the users as to how they have to switch tabs to get the details of that very report that is shown all pretty and nice in the Charts tab. But I will leave that to you, I've got nothing... Luckily the Lightning reports look pretty and lovely when you get there.  

One last thing! What if all users are not on Lightning, well that Custom Link is not going to work for them. 

Well the lovely Beth Briesnes has written up a great document from the ideas of two other MVPs about how to get around that limitation - it works nicely. See Supporting Report Filter URL Hacks in Lightning and Classic - Bigger Boat Consulting. 

So there you have it! Report charts goodness, all working in Lightning! 

I do wish I could show you these charts, they are very pretty, but you know, client confidentiality is important.