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  • Not available for Mobile. We have only just got Dynamic Forms for Mobile so it must be difficult.

    • With all the overrides you have to make, I think you might even have to have a completely separate Lightning Page for mobile.

  • Still makes the Lightning Page that extra second slow to save like Dynamic Forms does.

  • No Compact Mode is a big drawback. I suppose the answer is you should not need so many fields on a page to need to scroll that long, but Compact Mode is still better.

  • The Save functionality disappeared at some point, and nothing I did would make it return. Not even removing all Evolve Forms details off the page, saving the page, and then re-adding them one by one. Not even opening in a different browser made it come back. Not even deleting the Lighting Page and rebuilding it would make it come back. Not even starting on a new object would make it come back.

    • Oh dear, this was a simple issue - I had not filled in all the required fields.

    • Oh dear, this raised an even bigger issue, where requiredness does not work like standard.

Dynamic Field Set Component

  • For the Hovers it shows the standard compact layout using the layout-type="compact" from the standard lightning-record-form. It would be great if you could customise the fields that go in there via a Field Set though - maybe have the field set named Lookup on the object, and if there is a Lookup Field Set it uses that. But maybe that could be expanded even further to allow there to be different Field Sets for use for different Permission Sets or similar. Eg Lookup-MarketingUser, and if the user has the MarketingUser Custom Permission they get those fields in the Lookup hover.

Related Record Component

  • Very cool component

  • Can include Child values - Oldest or newest! WOW! I would love to see Max or Min based on a date for example.

  • Can include the Icon for the Object or not. Which is so different than Related Record Components.

  • I think this is a winner for now, compared to what they showed for Dynamic Forms Spanning Fields the other day.