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No, not without a custom LWC


Aha, someone in the community DID build this with an LWC! See Mykhalio Vdovychenko’s Post


Look, I worked on this for 2 hours and still it is exceptionally ugly, and non functional:

  • I tried 4 different image Appexchange apps - this was the best I could get an image to display. So much real estate for very little benefit. The tiny File preview could be enough.

    • I did not try the Picture Uploader app that Mykhalio tried, becuase it has Vertical Nav in the Appexchange pictures, and now that I have tried it, it uses Visualforce Components and Attachments. YUK!

  • I tried the Labs Highlights Panel app to separate out the highlights fields and buttons.

  • The buttons on the left are not good - as noted above.

  • I like the indicators to be on the right still.

  • I still want my details pane first.