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  • The Upload Documents Tab is really nice. Get this if you need to use Documents in Lightning.

  • The Attach Files button is disappointing.

    • Badly laid out

    • Spelling errors (including in help documents). Fixed in latest version

    • But has Convert Attachments to Files button

    • Shows Attachments and Files

    • No Preview of Attachments

    • Only opens file record, not preview

    • Prominent Delete link

    • Doesn’t play nicely with Console apps.

  • There is a Quick Upload button also

    • Not particularly useful

  • Upload Content Tab

    • Bug - said I need Chrome when using Chrome

    • Shows ALL files no matter who they are attached to. Weird.

    • No way to actually use the content. A bit useless.

  • Configurations

    • OMG It has Comic Sans Font - this should be outlawed!

    • Not quite sure what this is for - to create a button for uploading an attachment or file.

    • Could be useful as there is no way to upload attachments via the UI anymore. But I don’t want to use this app, as it’s a bit horrible.

  • I can only partially recommend. Useful for converting attachments to files though.

Drag, Drop, and Upload Salesforce Files