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  • Not one of these articles is based on Windows… they all mention grep. (being a unix user from waaaay back at least I have heard of grep and understand what piping to grep is). But grep is a unix command, therefore is a mac command. So what about windows.

  • Well if you are using Powershell as your terminal (I think it’s a good idea so you can do more advanced things when needed… it’s similar to a mac user using bash).

  • This article is helpful for doing grep similar in windows

  • So I would do something like this command sfdx force:apex:log:get --logleve DEBUG --color | Select-String -Pattern USER_DEBUG

  • And not one of the articles mentions how to quit log tail when it’s running… Again I had to google that and it’s ctrl+c

  • Oh and all that bit in the article about setting custom colours is mac-based too, so I need to research how to do that on Windows too.

Apex Replay Debugger

  • Docs are here

  • I haven’t played with it yet because it looks kinda hard and I could not work out how to set the checkpoints in VSCode… more to be discovered.