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I'm updating this for my Windows 11 Setup on my Surface Pro 8.

My goals for this setup are are:

  • 1 JDK only - it looks like Zulu 17 will work for CLI and Data Loader

  • To NOT have any Path issues (I will not believe it though)

  • I still like Bitbucket and SourceTree, but now that Github Private Repos are free, and DevOps Center will use Github to start, I will try to use that for now. 

  • I want to have Cumulus CI installed also (this is an advanced setup, so ignore this part if you are just getting started with VS Code).

Your PC Setup

On this PC I made sure I have my username with no spaces (JodieM) and hopefully I won't have any Path issues. I still don't know where to put my Code, but I do like having it in Dropbox so I will probably keep it there. So my code will be in C:\Users\JodieM\Dropbox\Code.


Now, I had hoped that there was not an order to do this in, but it seems there is. My video failed at getting everything installed and working first go. But weirdly, the third time I did the full installation on a new PC, it all worked fine first go.