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Just some notes I took whilst trying to understand SFDX a bit more. This is a bit of a stream of conciousness in frustration... so bear with it. 

So, I've had an intro to SFDX previously and had it installed on my PC previously during the intro, and I sort of got the concepts but I had to get a new PC and now I have to start again, on my own.


  • Start with good folder management. WHERE do you want me to create this folder to store my metadata?
  • HOW do I move to that folder in Powershell? At least I know my basic DOS commands.
  • Show us some simple shortcuts now like tab to prefill the directory after you type a few letters in
  • Next they jump RIGHT INTO Git without explaining it! Geez.
  • And I type a git command it it gives me an error!
  • Installing Git for Windows is so confusing, I just had to accept all the default prompts.
  • Now, I've got git installed, cloned the sample package, made a branch, there is meant to be an easy way in VSCod VSCode to keep track of my branches and where I'm at in Git, plus I stilll want to know how to stick it in bitbucket.
    • I go to the Source menu and it says no source control providers registered.
    • I look in Extensions for Git - there are far too many. I try Git Extensions for VS Code. Nope, that's not it. Off to Google.
    • Aha! Git IS magically installed, you just have to be in an Open folder that is already under source control for it to show in the Source panel. Now I can see the branch icon and see that I'm in the correct branch.
  • Note that you can use Open folder in VS Code to use Explorer to open folders rather than using cd.. etc
  • So, once you set up Dev Hub in your Dev Org, you can't actually see anything in your Org? Where is the UI to see all the scratch orgs I own?


  • How am I going to remember all these commands - yeah, I know I can do help, but I will be forever in help trying to work out what's next.
  • Why isn't there a UI to do all this, I still see no advantage of using the CLI
  • We're at pushing code to the org witout without any understanding of what is going on, and what the SFDX project contains.

So I have finished that badge, I've got an org open with the Dreamhouse App, and I still don't know much about DX at all.
And I still don't have anything in my dev hub environment to tell me that I have a Scratch Org created.

Then I did Packages Development Model

Badge and still didn't learn much

Next Module

  • Hmm, I read some of the documentation the trailhead links to and finally get enough info to find out how to see my scratch orgs in the Dev Hub - it's a tab named Active Scratch Orgs.
  • But it's not like you can just open the scratch org from there - no, that would be too easy, no you have to use the silly CLI.
  • Ah, now we are getting somewhere - finally talking about aliases
    • sfdx force:org:open -u DevHub
  • Useful. But why do all these orgs open to the setup menu by default. Do not want.
  • Ah finally Aliases are starting to make sense. Still not 100% sure about using them wiht with production orgs? Can you?