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When I first started using Salesforce I thought it would be great for emailing. OMG how wrong was I! So I wrote a blog post and sorry to say that 5 years later, the emails have NOT gotten any better. And to top it all off we were going to have a great new Quill HTML editor, and now that looks like it's going to be a complete bust - see Rich Text and HTML Editors, and now even the simple Mailchimp for Salesforce integration is broken, so we do NOT have even a remotely reasonable solution for emailing from Salesforce. And then there is the different email integration tools now for Gmail and Outlook, that I have tried to steer clear of until they are at least in GA and I have a good client that is willing to try them. 

Email Templates Letterheads and Footers. 

You want

  • A consistent email signature 
    • from all staff
    • for all communications
      • from outlook or gmail
      • from a single, hand crafted email via Salesforce
      • from a single, mail merged email via Salesforce
      • from bulk email out of Salesforce
  • A disclaimer on the bottom of the email, that doesn't overshadow the whole email. 
  • A logo in the signature (obviously not an attachment). 
  • Emails to be able to be sent as HTML and / or Text
  • Emails to look like they have been sent from Outlook or Gmail.