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Note: This page was written in 2015 based on the older version of the App. They do have a new app that is quite different in the way it works. 

  • Import from Eventbrite only
  • Questions go into a custom object, then you get to decide what to do with them - eg Process Builder to update the Campaign Member with their dietary requirements
  • Optional mapping to custom objects (but again, keep things mapped to standard salesforce objects where possible. 

As I haven't used this version in anger (really trying to achieve something with it), I have not updated this page yet. As soon as I do use the new app, I will do. 

Here is the documentation

And as at Oct-2017 they are working on new features, which is good to see. Oh and they do have official support in place too, which is good! 


A brand new install of this app and I got an integration error that the URL for the Single Event Sync API had been Permanently Moved. See below as to why I got this error.

I have spent hours configuring this app (and did not finish) and tried to just import one event and it completely failed with an API error. There is no documentation about this error or why it occurred, and not support listed on the Appexchange for this product.

HOWEVER, there apparently IS support - email as per this twitter thread, and they thankfully helped me get to the bottom of this API Error.