Process Builder Behind the Scenes

Did you know that all process builder does is automatically create a Visual Workflow (see Flows) behind the scenes? But you can't see it in the Flows list in the UI. Weird. 

Blog Post

 Ooh look, and a few days later I found this great blog post on this exact topic, and how to use it to you advantage. Thanks to #askforce for the tip!


How did I find this? I went to delete an Email Alert that was obviously being used in a Process Builder process. 

Hmm, what is myRule_1_A1 - I have never named anything that (see my Rules for Fields - I never use underscores). 

I open the flow in the Cloud Flow Designer

This was the flow

Yep, those were the conditions I set in Process Builder. So this has been automatically created! Cool! 

I close the Flow designer and get back to standard setup UI and a the flow is listed. COOL! That means I can see my processes in the setup list without going into Process Builder and logging in!

NOT SO FAST JODIE! It could not be that easy!

I go back to the list of Flows, and of course, that flow is not there. 

Notice it is of type Workflow. The flows in my list of flows are only Autolaunched Flow or Flow. 

I create a new view with the criteria of type = Workflow. Nope does not show. 

Shame! We need more visibility of Process Builder processes and they ESPECIALLY need to show up in the Rules Using This Email Alert section! (or a new section). 


Oh, and for the record, you have to go back into Process Builder to actually delete this. Oh, and you can't delete processes until 12 hours until they are last used, and so therefore you can't delete the email alert (although you can deactivate it all).