Partner Communities

Things Partner Communities Users Can't Do

Also See Permissions Missing for Partners

Partner Community Gotchas

Things I am spending hours on so that you don't have to!

  • When you create a new partner community profile, ensure to add it to the Community setup otherwise you get the "No available community" error. See Stackexchnge for the answer
  • You can't see Roles in Sharing Settings until you create your first Partner User - yes, very weird, I know! 
  • You need to have the old profiles editor enabled to set up delegated administration. I added some notes here as this seems to be completely undocumented! 
  • Transferring ownership of records. 
    • This is not just a community thing "To transfer ownership of any single record in an organization that does not use territory management, a user must have the appropriate “Edit” permission and either own the record or be above the owner in the role hierarchy"
    • They can't if they are in the same role level in the hierarchy. 
    • They can if they are higher in the hierarchy than the owner of the record. 
    • They can see all non partner users, and transfer ownership to them - this is not very good.
      • But you could set a validation rule to prevent it (I think).  
    • They can change the ownership to an owner where they can then not change the ownership again. 
    • They can change the ownership to an owner where they can never see that record again - not good. 
    • Granting them superuser access does not help with the ability to transfer records.