Lightning Experience Post Winter '17

Yep, I have not mentioned Lightning Experience up to now. With no Hover Help Text it was useless to me, and it was/is SOOOO SLOOOOOOW. 

So, after Winter '17 it's time to try it.

Great Things

  • Oh the horizontal nav and the app launcher are soooo much better! Well done Salesforce for going back. 
  • Being able to open a link in a new tab! (Oh, it is the REALLY LITTLE THINGS!). Oh except you still can't do that in setup (thumbs down),

Nice Things

  • The new Lead Conversion process is nice, but I think it is designed to break automation apps like LeadPal, which is a good app. 
  • you CAN Add to Campaign from list views, which is very nice.

Interesting Things

  • The new Nav is good, but you can't have customisable tabs for each user. This could get annoying for those power users who like to tweak. I like it for me as an Admin, because I can control what users see, but it may be a bit more setup. 

Annoying Things

Stupid Things

  • Wow, who's idea was it to put Related Records as the primary tab - stupid, stupid, stupid! You create a record, hit save, and then end up at a blank screen. It was this way on Feed Layouts (and no that is NEVER going to be fixed in Classic). So every page needs to be modified, then activated to ensure people see the details.
  • Yeah, right, like 200 fields on a page layout is going to look *great* with just two columns and no groupings!. Oh I was wrong! There are section headings AND they are collapsible! Phew! 
    • I was in a Trial Org for Winter '17 and the standard page layouts had all the section headings to display on edit mode only - NO! They need to be on both edit and view mode! Change all your standard layouts.  
  • OMG WHY WHY WHY! The add members to Campaign goes to an Import data screen. You just KNOW that users are going to export their data and then import it again because they think it's the only way to add people to campaings. Not Cool! (but you CAN Add to Campaign from list views, which is very nice). 

Weird Things

  • The disconcerting feeling you get when you go back to a Classic Interface layered in the Lightning Interface. And Even more disconcerting when you go to edit Report Types which is the old-old interface layered into Classic, layered into Lightning. 

Things to Change

  • Home Home - delete the silly goal graph - how many of your users are goal oriented widget salespeople? Probably not many. 
  • The jury is still out on Assistant - what if that user doesn't use leads - will leads stuff still show up - it is not customisable in any way.