Lightning Issues - User's Perspective

Things you can't do

  • Inline editing on pages that have been overwritten by a visualforce page, even if you don't need to use that visualforce page in lightning. 

Things that will stop me from using Lightning

  • No Field History Tracking visible in Lightning

Annoying things that Lightning doesn't do yet

  • Filtered Related Lists (without a component). But there is at least now a separate related list component and although the related record component takes a lot to set up it's good too. 

Annoying things that Lightning does


  • The way you add Campaign Members to Campaigns
  • The fact that the Add Campaign Members button is an IMPORT - NO, you do NOT want to import. 


  • Create Accounts and contacts
    • With State and Country picklists
    • a) you can't type the state and country
    • b) you can't SEE the state and country

  • The lookup lists just do not go away!