Do Not Use this. Use Console in Lightning instead. 

Case Feeds is the new way to work with Cases in Salesforce. It is a cut down version of the Console in Service Cloud. Other objects can now have a Feed View.

Setting Up Case Feeds

Setting up Case Feed is hidden away. Customize > Cases > Support Settings. Check Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items.

This starts the conversion process.See

See this handy chart. I would remove the following related lists from Cases:

The use of topics is up to you, until they become more useful. See Record Topics.

Set an email template to use as the default template to use in Case Feed emails. A very nice option. However - this has to be custom coded - when you do this coding this will be a very very nice feature. Say you have different products and the Create Case form has a field to select the product they are enquiring about. Based on this Product field in the Case, set your default response email template to be the branding for that product. Cool!

Advanced Setup / Dev

Page Layout

An example Case Feed Layout.

Using Case Feeds

There is not really much to say here. Just flick between the feed and details button.


The Email screen

Case Feed Articles

Note: Some of these articles may show features only related to Service Cloud, such as the Console.

Good Things about Case Feeds


These are the improvements I would like:

Case Feed Issues

Enabling Case Feeds

  1. Enable Publisher Actions - Customize > Chatter > Settings (note: this option moves after Summer '14). 
  2. Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items - Customize > Cases > Support Settings - This also converts the existing Cases to the new feed layout - see
  3. Create a Case Feed Layout
  4. Use Page Layout Editor to Configure Actions - NOTE: This item will NOT be visible unless Step 1 is done - don't waste 1 hour looking for it, like I did. 
  5. Create and customise your Publisher Actions
  6. Create Custom Links instead of your Custom Buttons - see bug mentioned here
  7. Set up Quick Text
  8. Give one user access to the feed layout to test
  9. Do help guide for users
  10. Apply feed layout to all users
  11. Do training for users