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(star) 7. You can custom build a Visualforce PDF page, or you can use Drawloop - (formerly Nintex Document Generation)

(star) 8. I like to create complex scenarios like this into one formula - that way if the requirements for approval change, you only need to change it in one formula, rather than a validation rule, an approval process, reports, etc. 


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As suggested by Chad Meyer from Internet Creations

  • Business Hours
  • Tiered support for some customers who might need support out of business hours.
  • Incorporating Assets as Assets are full Salesforce Object in Spring '15

Charles suggested

  • Global dashboard (Cases opened by week, Cases closed by week, Cases by type, etc.). This helps show volume being managed as well as trends in speed of processing etc. These are things that can be directly attributed to a well-implemented process (or indeed help surface where maybe it is not working yet).
  • This is also a great way to reach users not directly involved with the cases (for example managers), as you can give them a nice tailored dashboard via email